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We know how important your data is which is why we offer a data recovery service. If you have memory stick or hard disks that aren't working, give us a ring. We won't charge you to have a go for you.
We can also advise and apply effective backup procedures in order to safeguard your important documents in the future.                                                                                    
We can customise and build your perfect gaming rig, perfectly suited to both your needs and budget. We take what you already have, and keep the good stuff while replacing the bad. No point in buying fancy fans and having no graphics card! Gaming rigs are an expensive investment and we don't want you to come to us after you were scammed by others giving a lit up case with nothing inside.
Whatever the phone, whatever the problem, we are here to help! Give us a call with the details and we will get you a price for the repair. We know your phone is your world, so we would only ask you to bring it once we have the part in stock and will try to have it turned around the same day if not next.                                                                                                                                         
It doesn't matter if it's a phone, tablet or laptop, with a touch screen or not, we can replace anything. Sometimes we have to source the parts, but we are always cheaper than our competitors. Give us a ring with the item model number and we give you a price instantly. All screens can be replaced!                                                                     
Computer Software and Hardware is not working when you need it most can be very frustrating. These software and hardware repairs need a professional touch of repair at worst times. Our specialised team will help to get your machine up and running within no time and at low cost.                                               
If you need more than 1 visit from us per year, then it’s worth considering a service a service contract. We get to to you know as an individual and your needs. We offer unlimited phone support, remote assistance and callouts and don’t stop till the problem is resolved. The best part is that the fee is fixed. Please give us a call for more info!
We've all been there, you just want to get on with playing and your game console is down... What's then? Get a new one?? Book a game console repair and get your kit sorted with us. Save money and environment. Contact us for a free quote!                                     
Glass is glass. And glass breaks! Here we are to help you bring your device back to life. We will replace screen on any laptop with a quick turnaround for the lowest fee on the market. All of our screen replacements are the premium grade quality.
We will work hard to find out what the exact cause of your device failure is, so it doesn't happen in the future. If you decide to repair your device with us, all of our diagnostics services are free!                                                                                                                                            
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